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Come out of the circle of time and into the circle of love- Rumi

Posted on February 24, 2010

In our goal oriented society many times we forget that it is sometimes the letting go of our plans that puts us right where we need to be.  99% of my clients report on their initial intake with me that they experience anxiety and stress and that one of their goals for the work is to feel less stress and anxiety.  Never in my years of practice has anyone written that they wanted MORE peace or MORE tranquility.  There seems to be an idea that the “negative” circumstances of stress and anxiety are necessary for daily living.  That leaves the only possible solution as to feel LESS of those negative emotions.

In our amazing and beautifully created bodies we have twice as many nerve receptors for experiencing pleasure as we do for the nerve impulse of pain.  That is the real reason that massage makes a person feel better…sometimes euphoric even… because we activate all those pleasure receptors and drown out the signals of pain that were being sent to the brain.  So even though our physical makeup is designed to gravitate naturally toward pleasure and away from pain we still hold such ownership of the negative sensations of stress and anxiety that we only have an idea that life can be lived with LESS of those feelings, but not completely free of them.  In a documentary on the Dali Lama I heard him say that his first visit to our country left him shocked to find that in the bathroom cabinet of a people who have the highest standard of living in the world lurked an arsenal of sleeping pills and tranquilizers that told a tale that our way of life might look good from the outside, but internally we struggle.

It is time for some paradigm shifts that we seek out MORE of the good things and not just LESS of the negative.  It is time that we remove some of the chasm of dissonance between ourselves and our natural world and gaze at the stars and touch the bark of the tree.  Take some time each day to realign with the rhythms of nature and feel a part of the life cycle that we are so intricately woven into on this planet.  As the desire for this spring time that awaits us after the long winter let us make space in our inner gardens to cultivate MORE peace and tranquility.  Listen to Rumi and take a moment each day to step out of time and into love.


2 Responses to “Come out of the circle of time and into the circle of love- Rumi”

  1. Susan
    Apr 15, 2010

    As a Rumi lover and Mom with a daughter who is a Junior at the College of Charleston, I have been searching for a Way to recommend to her, dealing as she sees it with Finals stress and allergies. Reading your blog, I know I have found the right place to send her. Thank you for a lovely inspiration.

  2. Melissa
    Feb 15, 2016

    Good posting Sallie! You are right we live in a cookie cutter world and everyone is soo stressed out. They need laughter and laugh. If they tried laughter yoga along with massage regularly then they would be more at peace eithin! Namaste!

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